The Bag Boy and Burdens

I remember being at the grocery store one day with my two boys. They are only two and a half years apart, so any shopping trip was a chore. This day was no exception.

Remember WAY back in the day when the “bag boy” at the grocery took your groceries to the car automatically without even asking? Don’t even get me started about “self check out”, but I digress…..

The cart was full, it was raining, the youngest was crying because he was hungry, the toddler was wailing because he was tired. I couldn’t find my check book and the woman behind me was casting me the evil eye.

I found my check book (before debit cards) and the bag boy took the cart and two extra bags. He even asked if he could put the oldest in a cart for a ride since he had been walking through the store for the entire trip.

He helped this weary Momma. He carried my current burden. Oh, the baby was still crying, did I add that it was also raining? Oh yes….but this young man gave me some rest. 

Matthew 11_28-30

Christ tells us of HIS rest…in which He will ease and refresh our souls.  Jesus instructs us to take HIS yoke and learn. Our yoke is still present, it is just that His is easier. He was speaking to those who were basically under the law. His yoke is useful, not harsh, comfortable and even gracious. 

So folks…we will always have problems and burdens. But Christ has come to teach us and show us how to carry that yoke. 
His teachings tell us of these troubles, yet He lets us know that He will “never leave nor forsake us.”

And that is good news to the weary indeed!!




~Be Encouraged Today~


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