God and our Social Media Status


My husband, some family members and many of our friends do not use social media…. and they are quite proud of it. Some have it…but claim to never access it. Ha. And yes, there are creepers. Don’t deny it.

But I must say, I like social media for the most part.

There, I said it.

I get frustrated with the changes and the apparent loss of more privacy….but my word…I post things on Facebook and other social media for “500 of my closest friends” and I am worried about privacy? Really?

I could go to the “I spend too much time on social sites and not enough time with the Lord” avenue. But I don’t do the “guilt and condemnation” thing because HE doesn’t do that. We may be “convicted” of the time we spend on it, but that is another blog entry.

But I did begin to think….

Am I as honest with the Father as I am with friends on these sites? Even texting has that personality. Easier to say things when the face is not seen.

But we don’t see the face of God. So what are we afraid of?

He knows our hearts, He can read them. We really don’t have to say a word. But it helps US when we do….He wants us to be honest. He loves us that much. Communication is so important to Him. He created us…..we can talk, and listen.

He gets our frustration, our joys, our problems. God is our Abba Father, our Daddy.

He really wants to know our status.


~Be Encouraged Today~


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