He in is the Middle

We like to go “jeep’in” and experience all the sights and sounds of our local area. And even when we travel out of the state into other areas of the USA, we love to take “non-interstates” to view all the landmarks and buildings that make that town special.

When we travel, I start “seeing” inside each home. No, I am not a professional “window peeper”; but some thoughts occur to me. Each and every home we drive  past have their own stories. Much like what we see going on with the coverage on the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, there are stories all around us.

And as I thought about that this afternoon while we were out, God reminded me of something in such an incredible way. Our Father God knows each story. He knows your story. He knows my story. He is aware of every detail of our lives….the good, bad and the ugly.

Our God knows these stories and loves us enough to see us through them. Sometimes we wonder where He is….but He is right in the middle of each one. Joshua 1:9 tells us that …..the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

Whether we are in the aftermath of Harvey, or the streets of Haiti, or in our small house in rural America dealing with the illness of of loved one….

HE IS WITH YOU…..in the middle.  Oh yeah, and the beginning and the end!

Pretty amazing isn’t it?

~Be Encouraged Today~



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