Rising Waters

The flood waters will rise. The winds will blow.

We had significant flooding this weekend in our area. We have lived in the same home for 30 years and we have never been so concerned. Thankfully our home was not damaged. Unfortunately, others cannot say that. And we have had that result before as well.

The flood waters still rise for others along the rivers, lakes and creeks. A couple more inches are predicted for Wednesday, and after these 8-12 inches from the weekend, water truly is not a welcomed site.

I was reminded again though of where our strength comes from…and it is not our own strength. As we monitored the rising waters through the wee hours of the morning, we knew that there was nothing we could do to stop it. These things are out of our control. The waters rise, cover the solid ground and will eventually recede.

And they did.

The ground is dirty, it looks beat up. But it remains.

“On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.”

If that rock is not solid when the marital crisis hits, when the health issues arise, when life’s circumstances change in a minute….all other ground will indeed be sinking sand.

The floods come my friends, but the solid rock will stand. You may think you are losing site of it, and you may for a moment.

But trust me, when the water recedes…that solid rock with be firm.

It might be a little dirty, torn up and a bit shaken. But it will be there.

Christ is indeed enough. This I know to be true.

~Be Encouraged Today~


*personal photos, personal graphics, NIV Bible

5 thoughts on “Rising Waters

    1. Thanks Ellie! They have receded, now the next three days are predicted to bring 2-3 more inches. Tornado, derecho, tropical depression, hurricane, floods….yep, been through them all! Some turned out better than others, but Father God has always been with us. Thanks for the prayers!

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