Olympic Gold

I was so hot! My body glistened as the beads of sweat dripped slowly in my eyes, almost blurring my vision. I had conquered the floor routine, but had my performance earned a gold medal?


Ok, wait a minute. Nope, it wasn’t actually me… that was my most recent dream. And chances are great it was caused by a daily diet of nighttime Olympics and night sweats that seem to be partial to women of my precious age!

The Olympics cause dreams of gold. These athletes train most of their lives to participate in the games. I have watched and been taken in by most of their stories. I am sure there are many more stories that we will never even see.

But my heart breaks as I see the disappointment in the eyes of those only attaining silver or bronze. In some very strange way some see this as a failure, and I hurt for them. I talk to the television encouraging them to be proud of the fact that they even qualified, but I don’t think they hear me.

The athletes then stand on the podium to receive their medals. It is indeed a touching moment and I often wonder what is going on in their minds at that very moment.

Friends, as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ…we get gold. We don’t have to swim the fastest, run to win or even flip high in the air. Because Jesus Christ has already won, we get to stand on that podium with Him!gold medal

There is nothing we have to do to earn that gold. We don’t have to do one single thing extra! All we must do is surrender our life to Him and accept that sweet gift of salvation. It has already been done.

We won gold friends.

And Jesus did the swimming.


~Be Encouraged Today

Isaiah 55_8-9

*NIV Bible, personal graphics

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