Healing and the Band-Aide


The body is an incredible machine. I have been amazed watching the scar from my surgery heal day by day. I have literally watched it change, and felt the healing as well.

The Father has designed each of us in an incredible way.

Emotional wounds can be healed too….and that is incredible as well.

We all have wounds from many sources. Your friend may have betrayed you. Your spouse may have cheated on you. A dad was not present in your life when you grew up. A mother decided her life was more important than your life was….

Life on this planet can be so full of wounds. Every where we look we see people that need healing.

My physical wound was caused by a cut that went deep. It is a three inch scar that was put back together with a glue of sorts. (Ah, modern medicine!) But anyway, it is a process. It has taken time and care. I haven’t been able to rush it. It hurts from the inside out. But each day is closer to a complete healing.

My emotional wound was caused by a cut that went deep. It was a scar that was put back together finally with forgiveness. The process took time and prayer. I wasn’t able to rush it. It hurt from the inside out. But each day brought me closer to a complete healing.

Some wounds heal immediately. Others take time. Your wound is personal and God knows all about it. Remember, He created you and knew you in your mother’s womb before you were even one day old!

Isaiah 58_8_ %22T
Our Father is the Great Healer. Isn’t wonderful that through His mercy, grace, love, peace and forgiveness that those emotional scars can heal from the inside out as well?

A band aide wouldn’t have worked on my physical wound, and it won’t work on your emotional one either. Allow the healing to begin my friend.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,


*NIV Bible, personal graphics

2 thoughts on “Healing and the Band-Aide

  1. Thank you, this is simply beautiful and exactly what I needed to hear this morning. Only God can heal a hurting heart. Counting our blessings instead of sorrows goes a long way towards having True Faith too. It wasn’t God’s idea for us to hurt, it was man’s choice. Christ’s Arms are always open to comfort us because He’s been through it all.


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