Lap Dogs



My pup and I have a routine we go through every single night. And if I am not where I am supposed to be, sometime in the evening I have to get there…no matter the hour.

Our Westie is five years old and quite a tenacious little fellow. When he wants to play, he wants to play. He really won’t leave you alone until you do what he wants. I actually think he is running our household; no, I know he is!

Back to our routine. I sit in the recliner, put a small covering over my legs and that is his cue. He has a “Mr. Bear” and he jumps up, puts him in my lap. After that placement, he walks around the room, as if checking everything out, and then jumps in my lap. He actually uses the stuffed bear as a pacifier of sorts, but he must be in my lap. No where else suffices. It doesn’t matter the mood I am in, what I look like or even smell like! He licks my arm and settles in.

So these last past 12 days have been a little hard on Oscar.  I have had a little gate around my chair to make sure he does not jump in my lap.  It has broken my heart.  And I think it has been hard on his.  He knows something isn’t “just right” with me, but seems so sad to have to walk away from my chair.

It made me think of such a sweet lesson. Unconditional love. Now don’t start thinking I am comparing God’s love to the love of a dog…but folks, who else does that? You walk in that door after a tough day and who is there ready to greet you?Be Still

I want to be like that. I want to be in my Master’s lap. I want to let Him know how much I love Him. I want to feel safe, and I want my time with Him to be a habit. So I guess I wish I could be like my dog!! Or at least have that commitment and constant desire.

The Father loves us so much and without one tiny condition. He wants to spend time with us. Why would I NOT want to do that? Does it break His heart?



Now hopefully it won’t be long until we are back to our routine!

Be blessed~


“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,



*NIV Bible, personal graphics, pictures

6 thoughts on “Lap Dogs

      1. Oh my heart is breaking but with God’s Grace we are recovering today, we had to put down our beautiful Cocker a few days ago. He was the sweetest guy who had six of the twelve times traveled across the country with us in our motor home. We are remembering the Joy rather than the sorrow . I appreciate you so much! Blessings,


        1. Bless your heart! They are such a part of our family. I was so surprised at the depth of our pain when we lost our last Westie, Bubba, four years ago. I am so sorry for your loss and will be praying that the memories will be first and foremost on your heart! Blessings to you dear one!

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          1. Man I sure wished you both lived closer. Someday maybe we will meet this side of heaven but your kind words meant everything to me. It was like getting a gentle hug across the miles from someone who definitely understands loss.. Our vet was so kind to give us a medallion paw print of our pooch and a lovely tribute of remembrance. Time heals and wonderful friends comfort. Thanks for being you, I am blessed,


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