Tattered Pages

We seem to do more “winter cleaning” than “spring cleaning” in our home.

I must say that the hubby has always been very Type A. I tell him that being with him the last 39 years has caused me to drift over to the “dark side”. He just chuckles when I say it and eyes the dish I am holding in my hand.  

I do think part of the change in my habits comes from the fact that we lost our mobile home in 1982 to a tornado and another home to a derecho in 2009. One learns quickly what is and isn’t truly needed.

I will admit however that I simply cannot throw away family mementos. I told our eldest son today that all our totes are labeled so that when we pass on it will be easier for he and his brother to decide what things were and what they meant to us. He chuckled. Just like his dad.

And I cannot throw away………
Hard Back Books printed before 1980; add the family part and it is over!

Treasures to me.

As we were cleaning the shed today (it was 28 degrees by the way)….I found four treasures! Published in 1905, 1912, 1922, 1937 respectively.


As I open the covers and brush my fingers over the pages my imagination is unstoppable. Who read this book? Where were they when they read it? Did they enjoy it? Did they read under a tree? Did they have a window nook in which to read? Did they feel like they were escaping to another world while they read? What was going on in their life, their world as they read it?

Why is that page torn? Is that a coffee stain on page 283? What caused that wear and tear to be more obvious than the other book? Was the story a refuge in a time of trouble? Those questions come before even reading the actual book!

Then I thought of something.

Those books are like us. Treasures. Each one of us has a story. Each one of us was created with a plan in mind. Each one of us has endured life, which has brought wear and tear and tattered pages.

And yet, each and every one of us is special to our creator. God Almighty, creator of the heavens and earth knows our pages…He knows our life. He loves us and our story. He knows what is best for us, but as a gentleman, He won’t force His way into our lives.

When we spill the coffee, or tear the pages of our life He is there to bind us again. He will clean us and help us discover how important our story is…even with tattered, coffee stained pages.  He will encourage us and gently speak to our hearts.

And He still counts us as His……


“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,


*personal graphics.

3 thoughts on “Treasures

    1. I tell everyone I was actually a child bride. But that story is running out of steam the older I get! And by the way, you do rock that hat sister! Thanks for your comments and the chuckle. We have to laugh…we must! It indeed keeps us grounded and thankful. Blessings to you as well my friend!

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      1. Well what I say is that my future husband was walking by the hospital nursery one day when he pointed to me and said, :She’s mine!”

        As for the hat, thank you. I must change that photo since I no longer live in Arizona but I take such humbling, ugly photos, (no joke) that’s one of the few I took that makes me look good, thank you. I appreciate your support and friendship! :),

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