ALL the Answers!

All the Answers! 2


I am a parent and a former teacher. That has given me many opportunities to watch and participate in “parenting”.

I have made many observations, to say the least. And had ALL the answers!

When I was younger with no children of my own, I was disturbed by the “behavior” of children that we came in contact with….of course, we were having NO children at the time.

During the first years of teaching, I had no children of my own…but I was an expert on “child rearing”; after all….I was the professional.

As a mother of toddlers observing those with teens…I simply couldn’t believe that parents allowed their teens to have the attitudes that they exhibited! That would not happen under my roof!

Then I had “tween” boys and sat down rules galore…explaining the consequences of choices and pointing to numerous examples of teens we knew who had made bad choices.

 I learned some valuable lessons.

1.) When I became a parent, I began to understand how and why two year olds act the way they do.

2.) As a parent who went back to teaching, I was able to see the child from the parent’s perspective.

3.) Becoming a parent of a teenager allowed me to see situations from a totally different point of view and I began to understand the adolescent mind and why certain situations present themselves.

I asked God to forgive me of my past judgmental attitude!!

WE did not have ALL the Answers!


It is so easy to look at the situations of others and say what you “would or wouldn’t do”, to talk about them as though their parenting skills have been wasted and misused.

Why can’t we just help each other? Why can’t we parents of older children give support and encouragement to those parents about to enter those stages that you have survived?

Every single stage of parenting can have issues and having someone come along side of you with encouragement can be so beneficial.

Living in the world of “make believe” is easy to do. Pretending like everything was absolutely wonderful and perfect seems to be the preferred path. But in reality, our situations can most certainly help others in similar parenting situations.

Encourage each other….parents need all the help that they can get these days!!

We could have used it, trust me! And we are still learning as parents of adults….

1 Thessalonians 5:11
“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”

~Be Blessed


“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,


*NIV Bible, personal images

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