Asking for Prayer…

Healing Amanda

I would be remiss today if I didn’t write about a young lady who needs our prayers.

Amanda is the daughter of friends of ours from many years back. We attended church together and  we have watched our children be toddlers and grow up.  Amanda is 19 years old and in intensive care on a ventilator.  The hope is that tomorrow(Friday) the ventilator might be removed.

She has a serious lung infection, of which the origin is not know.  This was a completely healthy young lady a couple of weeks ago.

I discovered a song that really spoke to my heart about her….BRAVE by Moriah Peters.  Upon hearing the song, under her own initiative, she squeezed her mama’s hand.

I believe it is an anthem for many in the days we face.

May it minister to you as well.

I thank you for your prayers.

#amandastrong #YouAreBrave

~Be Blessed


isaiah 55-8-92


*google image, Moriah Peters, BRAVE

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