What is it about Christmas Ornaments?

Christmas and the Ornaments

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What is it about the ornaments?

We put our tree up last week and it seemed to take forever. Without mentioning the need to take out each individual branch, fluff it and place it within the correct letter coordinate…..it was about the ornaments.

After each ornament was upwrapped and tenderly placed on the table, I had to look at each one as I put it on the tree. My hubby was trying to help, but I made him stop so I could look at which one he had picked up.

Unfortunately, I lost my Christmas tree ornaments several times. Once a tornado came through and destroyed our trailer. I found a few ornaments, but we had only been married a couple of years, so there weren’t that many to lose.

Another incident had a small shed, a large amount of rain and a bunch of very soggy boxes. One stormy day involved a derecho, which destroyed our home and many things along with it. Each of these times I was able to rescue a few ornaments, very few.

So….what is so special about those Christmas ornaments?

As that question is posed, I bet that everyone can remember one that a child made, or that signified something important in your life.

At Christmas, we stop and remember. We allow ourselves that time. We put on Christmas music and try to get “in the moment” because so many of the other moments are scattered and disjointed.

My advice?

Make the ornaments. Take the time to create with your children.

This is just one of many sites that I discovered.

Top 38 Easy and Cheap DIY Christmas Crafts Kids Can Make

Of course, Pinterest is full of ideas!!

My brother and sister and their families have come to expect an ornament made by me with the date on it. Nothing fancy, but it serves as a memory.  Even our dog groomer has gotten in to the sentiment.  I mean…how cute are these?

photo 1-51

I promise you that someday these silly little decorations will mean so much to you… when your babies have left your nest and have families of their own….well……sniff, sniff.

Through teary eyes and a running nose, I lift the styrofoam ball decorated with gold foil, ribbon and a string of small balls.  I remember being given this one…he was so proud.  And I think of….

photo 2-33

…….days gone by.
”I thank my God every time I remember you..” Philippians 1:3

~Be Blessed


*personal photos, NIV Bible, google image

4 thoughts on “What is it about Christmas Ornaments?

  1. We don’t make our ornaments, but I appreciate your sentiments. Each year, we allow our kids to pick an ornament of their own which signifies something important to them or strikes their fancy. When we decorate our tree each year, we fondly look back on the ornaments chosen in the past and remember why they were picked. Our goal in doing this was two fold: the memories and to create keepsakes for our children to take into their future adult lives. When our children get married, the ornaments go with them!


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