RAGAMUFFIN The True Story of Rich Mullins

My heart is so full right now. We went and saw this movie Saturday night and I was reminded of so many things. Memories flooded every fiber of my being. I have pulled out some of Rich’s CDs and books and reread quotes. Brennan Manning was a “ragamuffin” that Jesus used to bring healing into Rich’s life, and I have been re-reading the RAGAMUFFIN GOSPEL.

Why? Trust me, Rich nor Brennan are not on a pedestals. Besides, they would not want to be there. I remember the first time I met Rich I was organizing a meal for his first time of three in our little city. I was uncovering all the food and asked where Rich was? Of course, he was sitting directly in front of me. He laughed when I said I did not recognize him. He remarked that the album covers with his picture didn’t look like him either. After the concert and cleaning up, he was ever so gracious and asked us to help him count money from tape sales (1991). He did not like the stuff.

I got to hear Brennan Manning speak a couple of times. He was so unassuming and humble..and truthful. I was so moved by his honesty.

I was reminded last night about how much God loves me. HE LOVES ME. I had a pretty rocky relationship with my dad as my parents divorced and things were always bad between us. As a result, I could never get it in my head that GOD loved me unconditionally. I struggled and struggled.

Then I met Rich Mullins and his music. Abba Father spoke to my heart with reckless abandon. He pursued me relentlessly. And I got it. Oh, I went back to many of my “legalistic” ways from time to time, but God always pulled me back into His arms of love.

A ragamuffin is someone who, according to Brennan Manning, one who is “dirty, bedraggled, and beat up.” Rich Mullins said “We miss the gospel of Christ: the good news that, although the holy and all-powerful God knows we are dust, He still stoops to breathe into us the breath of life-to bring to our wounds the balm of acceptance and love.”

Friends…this is the GOOD NEWS. “Jesus Christ is crazy about you. He loves you just as you are, not as you should be” Brennan Manning

I encourage you to see this movie. Please. It will either confirm what you already know to be true, or challenge you to think about the grace of God.

Be blessed~

Isaiah 55:8-9

*Wikipedia image, The Ragamuffin Gospel, All is Grace: A Ragamuffin Memoir

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