“What was that?”  

My husband and I looked at one another.  We had heard something hit the window, and we knew immediately.

We glanced out the window and saw a sweet little bird laying on our concrete walkway.  He looked dead.

“I will go pick him up,” said my husband.  

“Just leave him there for a few minutes, maybe he is just stunned,” I said with hope.

It did not look good for the bird.  But my husband granted my wish, and waited.

Forty-five minutes passed by and the bird no longer looked dead, but had gotten into an upright position.  He looked like he was bracing himself against a horrible wind, or terrible head ache.

“Did you see the bird?”  I yelled into the other room.  

Another hour passed before I could bring myself to look.  He had vanished.  He took to the sky, although I am sure with a serious headache or concussion.

Isn’t that just like life these days, especially 2020?


You have been knocked to the ground. 

You gather your senses and get in the upright position.

God lifts you up to fly again.

You may have to fly without a loved one.

You may have to fly with a permanent disability.

You may have to fly with pain and sorrow.

But you fly.

With Christ’s hope.

“Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.”

 Hebrews 10:23

~Be Encouraged Today~Tammy

6 thoughts on “THUD!

  1. This is beautifully written, had to pass it along. Truth and Beauty. For some reason I haven’t gotten your recent posts. I had hoped you hadn’t given up on writing. (I’m happy to say I published my third novel a week ago. It was one way to keep busy, ha! )

    Hope this note finds you healthy and happy. Blessings back for a Happy Thanksgiving my friend! ❤


    1. Thank you so much! No, I have not given up on fact trying to finish that third book now. My husband has finished the painting of the cover for me already, so that is motivation for sure! I will have to check out your novel. Congratulations! The last two and one half months have been rather crazy. I spent the month of September with my kids and granddaughter in Arizona for my 60th birthday! They gifted me a plane ticket. My husband was there for a week, but I stayed the month. Unfortunately, much of October I was in Barnes Jewish Hospital, trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I had a horrible rash, pneumonia, fatigue, pain, swelling. I brought home an unwanted souvenir, Valley Fever. I also experienced Sweets Syndrome. Two very rare conditions, I have been very been sick. I have learned a lot about VF in particular, but still have an active disease. I plan on writing about my journey. Suffice it to say that Jesus has been all I knew He was and so much more. At the risk of sounding very dramatic, God intervened and saved my life here on earth for now. I feel 99% better, still a way to go, but I don’t need my walker all the time now and that is wonderful. We are staying in our “Bubble of Thanksgiving” because at this point I am immune compromised, thus just the two of us at the holidays and everyday! Love you and appreciate the fact that you missed me!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours my friend! Hope you are well!

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      1. Oh my dear friend – what a challenging year!!! And thru it all, you never lost your Joy – for that’s anchored to our soul. (as mine is) So happy you are still writing – I bought your last novel and expected to write a review afterward (except I had a year like yours – still smiling though, 🙂 I still hope to ) ❤


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