40 Years and Filling in the Blanks

We were babies. Some thought we would not make it, yet here we are 40 years later.

We have been looking through pictures from years gone by and each one of us remembering things the other did not.

We fill in the blanks for one another. That is what marriage is…not perfect, not easy, not always fun and a lot of work.

But, you fill in the blanks for each other. Our faith has allowed us to love each other when we really did not like each other.

Our faith has gotten us through the good, bad and the ugly.

Our faith helps us fill in the blanks.

We are grateful for each other and appreciate each other more and more every day.

When we got in the jeep this afternoon, “by chance” a song by the BeeGees was on…

“How Deep is Your Love” was playing. Yes, we both got tears in our eyes and went back to those days we first fell in love.

We still love each other. A lot. More than we ever thought possible.

We don’t always agree, and we bicker still…but he takes care of me when I am down(which has been a lot lately) and I encourage him.

We fill in the blanks for one another, and hopefully, God willing…we will do so for another 40 or so years.40 Years!

~Be Encouraged Today~


3 thoughts on “40 Years and Filling in the Blanks

  1. It’s amazing how many little things spouses remember about the first day they meet each other! Congratulations on your 40th anniversary. In this day and age, that’s quite an accomplishment! And you’re still best friends! ❤ As I've said when people ask about how we met, I tell them I was in the hospital nursery when Dave came by and exclaimed, "She's mine!" The older I get the less it works though, 🙂 Tammy have a wonderful and productive New Year, So grateful to God we've "met." He sure blesses us!


    1. Thank you dear friend! Yes, he is my best friend, we still bicker so I know that is true! 😉 I am glad we “met” too and someday I pray on this side of heaven, we meet in person. Love you dear one!

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