Who is Jesus to you?

Crazy.  Our lives the last several days can only be defined as such.  Illnesses, issues and difficult decisions concerning loved ones.  And I know we are not alone as I look upon the world’s headlines and talk to other friends. He is my everything….

Jesus Is.

Jesus is.....

So who is Jesus Christ to you?  

I would love to hear from you…let’s start a list!!

~Be Encouraged Today~




4 thoughts on “Who is Jesus to you?

  1. I recently challenged myself to post to facebook seven Bible Scriptures each day for seven days, 7×7= seven Days of Praise, seven times a day – Joshua 6:16 & Psalm 119:64. I was tired of all the negative, fearful and even hurtful posts I was reading on facebook. I am in Day 2 and copied one of your inspirational pictures with a Praise to Jesus. Thank you for reaching out and doing what you do. This is a great time for His church, we can really make a difference and we need to in His name. God Bless your ministry


    1. Yes, it is a time in which we can offer encouragement to others! I have even started doing Face Book live videos for that very reason. Feel free to post links to the site or use the pics. Most have the website on them from designing them on canvas. Bless you as well dear one! Jesus is indeed our HOPE!


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