Top Ten Reasons Teachers are…….

**This is a re-post from last year.  I have a daughter-in-law, cousins and dear friends who continue to teach.  They need to be reminded just how important they are to so many people!**

*Teachers Super Heroes-2

It is out. I know the truth and I simply must share it with all that I know….

Move over Ironman, sorry Thor, Wonder Woman….really? We won’t even discuss Superman.

Here are the Top Ten Reasons I know…..Teachers Are Secret Superheroes!



A Teacher

10.) …..can simultaneously tie a child’s shoe, blow a whistle on the playground and tell Joey to not jump out of the swing while it is swinging…..

9.)……can eat a three course meal at warp speed while entering grades in the computer for the quarter……

8.)…..can go without a “potty” break for eight whole hours and continue to drink water…….

7.)……can turn seemingly useless items into furniture for the reading corner, math corner……(milk crates into seats).

6.)…..can take butcher paper, a swimming noodle and balloons and change it into a palm tree for the classroom theme while pinning to Pinterest with glee…..

5.)….can write Individual Education Plans (IEPs) with twenty-five pages or more~or~ progress monitoring reports for well over twenty students while meet necessary local, state and federal requirements and not break a sweat….

4.)….can lead a meeting with other teachers, parents, and administrators… always starting and ending on a positive note, while serving heart healthy dark chocolate (without calories) to all those present….

3.)… a coach, disciplinarian, parent, confidant, comforter, referee, negotiator, food provider, clothing closet manager, office worker, chart keeper, filing expert, computer guru, listener, counselor, friend, leader( just to name a few)….without the appropriate funding, lanyard or name badge…..

2.)…..loves each and every child without condition or a second thought, sometimes going without sleep while thinking about these students…..

And the #1 reason I know that teachers are actually Secret Super Heroes

1.)….They can change the world by educating, loving and encouraging…. one child at a time!

singing-304617_640~Be Encouraged Today!

Isaiah 55_8-9


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