The Power Within….

It Comes-2

Jeremy Camp has a song out that says so much in such a short amount of time.

The Same Power/Jeremy Camp

“The Same Power that rose Jesus from the grave…The Same Power that demands the dead to wake….lives in us, lives in us.”

A friend and I were talking today about the state of this nation, and problems that people are facing. There are problems all around us.

And we have a choice.

We can whine….”Oh whoa is me” or we can remember that we have that “same power”. Oh I know….you might be saying, “you don’t understand what I am going through…you have no idea.” And you are right, I do not personally know.

But I know who does know. Jesus Christ.

And I will admit, I have been known to whine myself.

Every afternoon I get really, really tired. I know that I could keep going, but I also know that having major surgery a little over four weeks ago did a number on my body and it takes time to heal. That need for rest literally “rises” up in me. I choose to give into that rest my body is needing. I have that “power” within me to heal and feel better. Or I can choose to ignore it. But it is within me to make that decision.

So as I face issues in my life, I choose to allow that power to rise up inside of my heart. Christ is enough. He has always been enough, He is enough today and He will be enough tomorrow. It is my choice to believe that about Him….or not. I choose to believe by faith.

“The Same Power that moves mountains when He speaks…The Same Power that can calm the raging sea….lives in us, lives in us.”

Shall we choose to believe…or ignore that power that lives within us? It is our choice to make. Christ in enough.

And friends….that is actually pretty cool.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,


*youtube/JeremyCamp, personal graphics

4 thoughts on “The Power Within….

  1. Can you imagine if we lived our lives truly believing this?! Wow~ we would all live such powerful lives!!! ❤️ Thank you for sharing!!


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