Receive What?


Learning to Receive

I will admit it. I have a problem….


Yep, that is me. I can do for others, I can encourage. I cook meals, send cards, type texts. I talk on the phone and will meet for breakfast, lunch or dinner.(It helps that I love to talk too).   I even write this blog believing that the Father will use something I say to bring encouragement to others.

But receive? Nope. Not me.

Almost 7 years ago we lost our home to a derecho. We literally had to rebuild our home and move into a rental home for over four months.

Almost 4 weeks ago I had a “super path” hip replacement.

Both of these times I have had to “receive” from people. And I really think it has been pride. There I said it….kind of like…”Oh, we don’t need your help…we know that God can handle it.”

%22Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.%22


HELLO…HE can handle it. HE did handle it. Through the love and giving of others. We have to allow others to love on us. We have to allow others to feel like we do when we give. “In giving we receive” is something that I have always said.

I had to remember that these two times. And many times before, and there will be many more times to

So I will continue to understand that holding my hands out to receive is as important as holding them out to give.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,


*NIV Bible, personal graphics

2 thoughts on “Receive What?

  1. Very thought-provoking post! Isn’t it strange what runs through the mind upon receiving? “Gee, they really like me!?” “Are they doing it just to be kind or do they expect something?” “Will I have to reciprocate?” We do that with God too, why, am I good enough, will I have to work hard or do penance to receive this gift?” Excellent job,


    1. Ellie I have been through all those questions and more! Unconditional love cannot be earned and resting in that grace was something I had to learn. I believe that “receiving” is a part of that process. Not to mention that this “type A” personality of mine likes to be in control! 😉 Thanks for reading and commenting…I so love the interaction! Have a great day and weekend!


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