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We just returned from a road trip. Many of you will be doing the same soon…only with kids.
I remember those days well.

Like all parents intent on getting to our destination in a timely manner, I would pack and load the van with things to keep the boys happy and occupied..and “argument free”. It worked sometimes….

Folks, this was in the day without DVD players as accessories. We actually borrowed a small television/VCR combination and placed a bungee cord around it on the floor to keep it stable. Plugged it up to the “cigarette” lighter and we were good to go!

As you well know, “good” moms only allow so many hours of TV with a good conscience. Besides the fact that active little boys can only handle so many recorded episodes of “Full House”!

So I naturally loaded game upon game. And “gulp” we sat on the floor of the van (after removing the middle seats) and played.

That being said, I know that can’t be done today..and probably shouldn’t have been done then..but I digress….

There are still plenty of games to play while buckled into the proper safety restraint on child seat. Of course the apps on phones, iPads are very travel friendly. One that I actually just used on our trip was a license plate game. One checks off the plates as they are seen.

If you don’t want to waste battery power, try typing the sheets of states in alphabetical order and giving each child one sheet. Make it a competition or family game.

We always played “I’m Thinking of Something”. Simply put…pick a category and describe it. First one to guess gets to go next. For example, “Animal”. “It is huge, can be brown or black”. Guesses are incorrect…further detail…”it eats bananas”. Gorilla!!

Point being, use your “together” time traveling as a fun time. Let your imagination might be surprised at what the kids can come up with..

“If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” Romans 12:18

But keep a few DVDs just for safekeeping!!!

~Be Blessed

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,


*NIV Bible, Pixabay

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