The KEY is……

the key 2

We were in a restaurant the other day when we heard it.


Sitting at a table near us there was a mom, dad, and two children. One child seemed to be enjoying her coloring while waiting on her food…the other little guy wasn’t faring so well.



This time we saw it. This little guy slapped his Momma.


Wait for it……what did she do?


Now I am not suggesting that she should have hit him back. In fact, my skin even crawls when I hear an adult arguing with a 5-year-old about something. Don’t hit back and don’t argue back with a child.

So what is a parent to do?

“Discipline your children, and they will give you peace;
    they will bring you the delights you desire.” Proverbs 29:17

Don’t allow the child to hit you. Especially twice.

Grab hold of that hand in motion. Say “no” in a firm, authoritative voice. Do it consistently.

Consistency is the key in all discipline.

I get this feeling that parents are doing the best they can for the most part. But I also get the feeling that they are unsure of just WHAT to do with the little darlings.


So next time you are out and the little gal decides she has had enough of the evening….

Get ready to make a catch, and practice that NO!

And by the way….they are never too young to learn the word NO.  Trust me, you won’t teach it to them…it seems it is their first uttered word anyway!

~Be Blessed

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,


*NIV Bible

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