Surgery Time!!!

This blog is written by a young woman I have know since she was a little girl. She writes with such love, compassion and understanding..and I am asking for prayer for little Amelia. Thank you for reading!
Blessings dear ones~

Amelia's Heart Journey

The name “Amelia” comes from a Hebrew/Arabic root that means “work of the Lord”.  Amelia’s middle name is Joy.  All of these things come together to describe this amazing little girl with whom we’ve had the honor to walk these past 4 months.  We’ve already seen God’s hand on her and our entire family as he has sustained and steadied us through the droughts and storms that come with having a heart baby.  Amelia’s had no problem gaining weight and growing (which is a huge blessing because heart babies often struggle in that area), and her little personality is growing even faster than her little body.  She is really laid back and when she’s awake is usually doing some combination of chillin’, smiling, and wiggling.  She can hold her head up well, and she’s getting close to rolling over and sitting up.  We’re loving every second we get with her…

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