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Pain..He gets it!

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PAIN…He gets it.
 It comes in many forms.  You may have experienced a loss of a loved one, which is emotional; but takes on a physical pain.  It may be a physical pain that totally consumes you because it is relentless, which becomes and emotional pain.  

I have experienced a physical pain like never before with the recent discovery of arthritis and bone spurs in my hip.  It is relentless, and never seems to stop.  Sleep has been fleeting to say the least.  I have also experienced that gut wrenching, knife ripping through your chest feeling when the death of a loved one occurs.  It happens at some point in all our lives.  If it hasn’t…sorry…but it will someday.

I told my mom I was so sorry.  I had not totally understood the pain she had endured for so many years.  “Honey, there is no way you could understand…you had not went through it yourself.”  Ah, a Mama’s love!

Which made me realize…HE gets it. He has suffered.  He has experienced pain of all kinds.  He gets it.  Why should my life be any different?  He gets it.  He will get me through it.  He will get you through it…over and over and over.  HE IS ENOUGH because HE GETS IT.

Psalm 119:50 
“My comfort in my suffering is this:
  Your promise preserves my life.”

Author: sptchmom777

I love Jesus. If I say nothing else, that is enough. But for those curiosity seekers, I am a 56 year old former special education teacher, current part time CCM Radio Announcer who is married to her high school sweetheart. We have been together for 40 years, married 37 of those years! We have raised two sons, who are now married, have jobs and mortgages. We have our furry son, a West Highland Terrier. It wasn't always easy, and I like sharing some insights from those "mommy" and "teaching" years. I also want to encourage people in their daily life. I believe that the Father speaks to us all the time, sometimes I have been too busy to listen. Even during times of trials and troubles, He is ever present. ~Be Encouraged Today~

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