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Can I Have this Dance?


Can I Have This Dance?

My husband and I love to dance. We have danced since we dated. Of course it was disco then…..and it is disco now when we get a chance to dance! Thankfully, most weddings do include oldies!  We actually won contests when we were teens.  Our sons may doubt that a bit.

But we even like to dance in the kitchen. A good Pandora station can do wonders for a couple. If anyone saw us they might laugh, my goodness…we laugh at ourselves! But it is so much fun. Such a sweet thing between us.

I had struggled for several years with how much the Father really loved me. How could Jesus Christ love me without condition? I always thought that God only loved me when I obeyed Him. I was completely immersed in legalism. The more I worked, the more He loved me…or so I thought. If I did not do what I “should” He would not love me.   Read the rest of this entry »

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Love Everyone! Excuse Me?


Love Everyone!!          Excuse Me?

No can do!

True Confession~I do not like everyone I am around. There are a number of reasons, some of which if I shared..you wouldn’t like them either. Dare I say if you told me stories, I wouldn’t like some of the folks around you as well!

But wait a minute, aren’t we suppose to like everyone and even love everyone we come in contact with as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ?
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Won’t Get it in a Church

Depend on God, not the Institution

I am going to make some pretty bold statements here.  I have had this conversation with a number of people lately, and I share it here.
Don’t look to the institution of the church, your “Sunday go to meeting” place to give you what you need to make it through the week.
You won’t get
what you need to sustain you
in your day to day life. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hard Message To Write


Please read….an important heartfelt message from a mom who had to say good-bye to her son too soon…

Originally posted on Renee Emery Signature Series:

To all my dear friends & family, I am not sure how to address you today. I ask you to bear with me as I struggle to write, attempting to make sense from the worst 9 days of my life. Before I begin with what I need to say regarding the tragic death of Aaron and the rumors surrounding his death.  I want to sincerely THANK ALL OF YOU for the many kind words, both public & private sent and offered since his passing. I will in time address each one personally.

Because of your prayers, kindness, thoughtfulness, love & support, I believe they are what sustains me, Adam, Anthony, his wife Mel and our families through this difficult and painful time.  I ask you please continue to keep us, our families, especially Adam in your thoughts and prayers. We Love You.

To my Father, Creator in Heaven, Author of…

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Removing the Cancer


The removal of a skin cancer is not a pleasant task.

A year ago the 19th of this month I had to have a basal cell carcinoma removed.  I went in today to have  my 1 year cancer check.  I know that this type of skin cancer is the best to have…it doesn’t even own it’s own ribbon, but none the less…it had to be removed. I don’t have t go back for a year, and I am so thankful.  I know others don’t always get that news.

Webster’s defines cancer as:  1.) a serious disease caused by cells that are not normal and that can spread to one or many parts of the body  2.)something bad or dangerous that causes other bad things to happen 3.) A zodiac sign

Interesting.  The first two definitions require the removal of the cancer in some way.  It cannot stay present in your body or anywhere because it causes bad things to happen and it can spread.  So, mine had to be cut out. Read the rest of this entry »

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