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You Might Need to use Your Thumbs!

You Might Need to use Your Thumbs!


We’ve heard it a million times, “actions speak louder than words”. And while I do agree with that quote, there is something to be said about words. Often the “action” is in presenting the words!

We have so many ways to express our sentiments. We can text, Facebook, instagram, twitter…and not have to verbally say a thing; one doesn’t even have to pick up the phone or make a visit.

How hard can that be? Continue reading


Strength Training and Weights

Strength Training for Believers…


I understand that at my age “strength training” is very important. As we age our bones become weak and using weights helps bring them the strength needed for health. I am amazed when I watch people bench press in the triple digits….

I even took a class one time to learn how to lift “correctly”. To say that my posture needed work is an understatement. Unless I stood a certain way and had a spotter, disaster was possible.

Oh I learned a lot and did increase the weight as the class progressed. A spotter was essential, and I did not attempt any lift without one! I felt strong, I walked with a certain confidence that I had not possessed before and once I learned how to stand to lift, my posture improved.

Interestingly enough, once the class was over and I quit my routine…my posture changed as did my strength.

Reminds me of life’s trials. Continue reading

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Faith in my Abba

I have faith in my Abba Father.


By the time this is published, my mom will have had her second hip replaced. She also has a pacemaker/defibrillator and needs some new knees. We kid her and tell her she will soon be a “bionic woman”. And going through airport security? Well……let’s just say she needs to have those cards out and ready should she decide to fly to the Bahamas.

She has a pain tolerance level higher than anyone I have ever seen. She has endured plenty in her life, in physical and emotional ways. She is a trooper. And of course I love her. Although it is still simply amazing that our mothers can make us feel like 12 year olds sometimes. I am sure that I do that to my adult children too.

So, I covet your prayers for my Momma’s speedy recovery. Continue reading


Rough Days and Wall Shadows…

I have had a few rough days.

(I must say that today is better, but I am going ahead and publish this post with the hope that someone else will be encouraged.)

I will admit it. I am not proud of it, but it is true. I feel “blah”.  I dealt with anger over something for about four months, then gave that away and now I am just….I don’t even know how to explain how I feel.

You may understand, you may not. Either way is ok, because I am not sure that I understand. Continue reading

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Abiding Joy! Really?!?!


Abiding Joy? Really?!?

Private worlds are swirling with circumstances that defy explanation. Cancer in our family, surgery coming up soon for a loved one, divorces of friends, our son let go from his job due to budget issues, deaths of friends….

The world as we know it fills the evening news with disheartening news about isis, ebola, kidnappings, murders…

My husband and I were wondering the other evening if there was more “bad” news, or if we simply were getting old enough to recognize it more often? We hurt for people we love, and those we don’t even know who are suffering.

John 15:11 “ I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.” Friends, Jesus was in a bad place here…and notice that he tells us that if our joy is IN HIM it is complete!

But how in the world do you have ABIDING JOY in the midst of all this pain? Continue reading

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Election Day



Election Day

I saw the greatest signage on a church today. If I could have pulled over and taken a picture I would have…

“Don’t trust the donkeys, don’t trust the elephants…trust the LAMB”

Love it. Continue reading


Valiant Warrior: A Story of God’s Faithfulness in the Midst of Battling Cancer, an Eating Disorder & a Miscarrige


This is a post from a sweet friend of mine. She speaks with humility, honesty and the love of God. Truly inspirational.

Originally posted on Valiant Warrior:

IMG_4376 A few weeks ago I shared my testimony at Zoar Baptist Church. Some of you were not able to make it and had asked if there was an audio version of it available. Unfortunately, there is not. But below you will find a condensed written version of the story I shared.

Before I took my first breath on this earth I began fighting for my life. I have learned to be a fighter and a survivor. It’s who I am. It’s what I do. I am very grateful the Lord instilled in me a “warrior mentality” at such a very early age. Just as the Lord equipped David with the strength to take down Goliath, I am well aware that my ability to be present on this earth does not take place a part from the strength and grace that the Lord provides.

I was born with a very rare…

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