Encouragement for HIS Daughters

Words to Encourage in Daily Life

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Hurting through the Holidays

Holiday Hurt…..


This week has been a busy one! First time ever working retail! The women’s boutique I work at has kept me on my feet and “Arthur” has reminded me of that fact many times. But I have enjoyed it so much. I am thankful for the ability to work at all.

One thing is for certain, our busy selves during this holiday season can keep us so occupied that we indeed miss some things. And I was reminded of that this morning. Continue reading


George Bailey

George Bailey


It’s that time of year…one of our favorite Christmas movies..IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE.

We watch it very single year, and I see something new each time.

This year it was when George was a little boy. He saved his brother and gave up hearing in one ear and future dreams when Harry came back from college. But he also saved someone else’s life….the pharmacist, Mr. Gower.

Mr. Gower lost his son and ended up filling an incorrect prescription. George did not deliver the medicine, knowing that they were incorrect. And Mr. Gower hit his bad ear. And George took it and said he understood. He kept the secret…and saved Mr. Gower’s career.


You know the story….

Sacrifice. Nothing but sacrifice. He laid down his life for those he loved and cared for…and he did it over and over throughout his entire life.

George was human and it all kind of piled up on him, like it has many of us. And the Father reached out to prove how wrong George was about his wasted life…

I believe He still does that friends. If we just listen. He loves us, we are valuable. Christ laid down His life for us….so we might live.

Maybe that’s why “It’s a Wonderful Life” resonates with so many of us. Interestingly, the movie wasn’t a hit until years after it’s release. Upon the copyright release, the film starting playing so many times that people just fell in love with it. It had received mixed reviews, but in the 70’s it became that classic.

That kind of love, that kind of sacrifice….is JESUS.

John 15:13 “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

~Be Blessed





*Wikipedia images, NIV Bible


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An Ordinary Sponge

A Sponge


Have you ever soaked up liquid with a sponge? You can just sit it in the liquid and the next thing you know, all the liquid is contained in that sponge. It doesn’t seem to ever fill up.

That is us friends. We soak up what is around us. If we are around negative people all the time….we kind of get to be that way. If we are around positive people on a daily basis, we seem to change our attitude as well.

Soaking up His word and encouragement is life changing. Continue reading


Happy Birthday to The Love of my Life!

Happy Birthday to my Sons’ Father…and The Love of my Life!


My hubby of almost 35 years is 55 years of age today!   If you do the math…. you will see that we were mere babes when we married!

But I write a blog entitled “Teacher Mom Always” and Dad needs to be somewhere in that title. And this blog, “Encouragement for His Daughters” came to me because I have had a husband who has encouraged my walk with Christ.

My two adult sons have had the most wonderful man as a father. The role model he has been for them has been incredible. How do I know?

I watch them with their wives. They treat their wives with the utmost tenderness…as my husband did and does me. And they tease their wives incessantly, as my husband did and still does…. But most importantly, they understand the love of their heavenly Father.

No matter how tired he was when he came in from work, some nights not until 8:30pm…he spent time with the boys in some capacity. Either a whiffle ball game, card game, biking…you name it.

So Happy Birthday to the most incredible Dad I know.

And Happy Birthday to my best friend and the love of my life. The man who cooks, cleans and does laundry because I work outside of the home part time. The man who values my happiness above his own.

Thank you for allowing the boys to see a wonderful role model. And thank you for allowing them to understand the unconditional love of their heavenly Father. And thank you for loving me without condition.

Because of you dearest husband, they get it…in many ways. We all do.

~Be Blessed

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Is that Peace Counterfeit?

Counterfeit Peace


It doesn’t seem like you can find one person that doesn’t have some type of pain in their lives right now. Our own family is dealing with painful situations and situations that just do not seem to have answers.

And yet……

I watch as marriages are failing, lives are being destroyed by choices made and others decide that alcohol and drugs will make the pain go away.

a fraudulent imitation of something else; a forgery Continue reading

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I Am Grateful for You…..


On this Thanksgiving Day……

I am grateful for you……

You read the words that I MUST write to be complete myself….

You read the words that I write and my prayer is that you are encouraged in some small way….

I write from HIS heart I believe and He wants to encourage you…

in your daily life as circumstances swirl.

KNOW you are loved unconditionally by God Almighty.

Happy Thanksgiving!

“I thank my God every time I remember you” Philippians 1:3

~Be blessed

isaiah 55-8-92

*pixabay, NIV Bible, google image

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Lift that Load with Thanksgiving!


 Lifting that Load…..

I was watching a backhoe the other day in a field near our home.  It was scooping dirt, lifting it, turning and placing it in a pile behind itself. It moved with precision and did quite a bit of work. No wonder our boys loved watching these type of machines work when they got a chance!

It was quite mesmerizing actually. Boy, it sounds like I need to get a life!

But I got to thinking about our loads…..

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just scoop them up and dump them behind us?

Well, we kind of can…. Continue reading


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