"YELO BIRD"..The Father's Encouragement

Words to Encourage in Daily Life

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I am Reminded….

He loves me-2

I am at a loss.

I don’t have words of wisdom or advice or any cute little tags.

I have prayed, read and can come up with nothing deep, but do I ever?

The one thing that I keep thinking of over and over……is how much God loves me. Continue reading

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Provisional Dead Sea Salt

dead sea salt-2

I wash my face with Dead Sea Salt. I take off my mascara with coconut oil.

I am a “natural gal wanna be”. We have eaten “Paleo” style for two years and try to take care of ourselves. At our ages, everything counts…even daily flossing! Continue reading

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Full of Fashion @ 50+!


It has been established that I like clothes. I also like fashion. However, I do not want to try and dress like a 30 year old. Those days should be over.

This is obviously something I could talk about in detail.

So what is a gal to do? Continue reading


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