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Romans 15_13


Spilling Out and Splashing Over!!


When the Lord is speaking to your heart, I believe He will use many avenues in which to drive home a point. He uses His word, others, teachings and sometimes just the simple ordinary things of life.

Case in point….

How do we share the love of God? Talk more about Him with everyone we come in contact with? Knock on doors and speak truth into the ones that open those doors? How can we do enough? How do we know that we are doing it the right way? Are we pleasing Him?

We have to really quit trying. Continue reading

Gal 3-26-27

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Let me Introduce You…..

Can you describe the love you felt when you laid eyes upon your newborn?


Is it the same love you had when you saw your two year old in the pool submerged with his big brown eyes looking up at you helplessly?

What about when that five year old was burning up with fever and you had to place him in that tepid water?teddy-242878_640 Continue reading

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Jane’s Story…Guillain Barre Syndrome

I will not forget you! See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me.-2

My dear friend and spiritual mentor of many years dealt with Guillain Barre Syndrome four years ago.  Her story is amazing…and her constant reminder to all of us that indeed…”Christ is Enough”.

“We are coming up on the 4th year of having experience Jane’s story and over 45 thousand people have seen this video on the internet. This week gives Jane a chance to celebrate of sorts, for the first time in 4 years she was able to sit on the floor or kneel down and get herself back up to a standing position without assistance. She was pretty excited about that, that was one of the things that had remained after therapy for all this time so having the balance and strength to perform that was a great pleasure for her. Of all things that most impresses me in my life, my wife is that. We were talking the other day and speculating on what would be appropriate answer for her to give if asked ‘do you believe in God?’ Something happened while we were going through that experience a few years ago and I think the best answer for her is “no I don’t believe in God any more, I know Him!’ There is no one more confident, more settled about Faith than Jane. Share the video again with someone that needs Hope, Hope was constantly her companion throughout the terrible and the terrific….She is doing well, very well!” Ken, her husband

I have provided two links.  One is for the you tube video documenting Jane’s progress.  The other is her testimony that is available on the radio station website.

Jane’s Story


“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,



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