Moments of Encouragement

Life can sometimes get crazy!

Galatians 2_20-“I have been crucified with Christ; and it


Artificial Flowers

Stop and Smell

My husband does not like artificial flowers in any way, shape or form. I have been ordered never to place any kind of “fake flowers” on his tombstone if he should happen to be heaven bound before me.

I have tried to reason with him, and often make wreaths with artificial flowers. And honestly, many times I cannot tell the difference. I have even been known to even smell a flower or two only to find out that it was not the real thing. Continue reading

NO!Not the Spinning Ball!!

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The Spinning Beach Ball

Beach Balls

I should be excited when I see a beach ball. It should mean that there is a body of water close by. I relish in the opportunity to hit a beachball back and forth in that body, an ocean with a beach would be preferable. Continue reading

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Face to Face with the Younger Me


I re-read this a year later and still agree…with age indeed brings a confidence in who you are…and who God designed you to be! Growing up isn’t all bad. :)

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Face to Face with the Younger Me

I like the CCM group, For King and Country so much. They have a song which I like for a lot of reasons…but “Fix My Eyes” is such a good message to my younger self.

I turned 54 the other day. This was the age in which my dad died of a sudden heart attack. A rather sobering thought..and he seemed so young to me then. It seems really young to me now.

My body tells me that this ‘ole earth suit has aged..but the brain doesn’t feel the same.

But with age there has come some wisdom. Wisdom on what is important in life, and wisdom to know that I myself am not wise at all, that all I am is because of Jesus Christ.

So I decided to come “face to face with the younger me.”

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