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The Emotional Roller Coaster


The Emotional Roller Coaster

This weekend was one of those weekends that made me literally feel like I was indeed riding a roller coaster. Up, down, sideways.  I quite frankly….I never liked riding them and I still don’t.

I guess that is life, huh?

At any rate, I experienced a range of emotions..

1.) anger that has been pent up for almost 4 months rearing its’ ugly head.
2.) sadness over the discovery of a number of divorces taking place amongst people we know
3.) concern over my mother’s physical health
4.) joy with the celebration of an upcoming birth and significant birthday Read the rest of this entry »

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Fashion Changes…..


Fashion Changes

Since I have started working at a woman’s clothing boutique I have learned a lot of things!!

And since learning new things is important for ladies my age….I will continue to do so, taking notes all the way!

I have always loved fashion. My mom use to sew all my clothes when I was growing up. Some out of necessity because we did not have a lot. She could take one of her dresses and make one for me and my sister later on. It was so cool.

10270664_10154163986945164_8341499303880843596_n            photo 2-31 Read the rest of this entry »


The Edge….Whew!!


The Edge…Whew!

Have you ever felt like you were looking over the edge of a cliff,

needing to take a step off…but the bridge that you need to cross over has not been built yet?

Oh you know that it will be built, but it would be great to at least see part of a plank before you took that first step.



Whew! Read the rest of this entry »

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Does God Have to Check our Facebook Status?

Does God Have to Check Our Facebook Status?



My husband, some family members and many of our friends do not have Facebook…. and they are quite proud of it. Some have it…but claim to never access it. Ha. And yes, there are creepers. Don’t deny it.

But I must say, I like Facebook! Read the rest of this entry »


Does God Change?

Does HE Change?

I have been very weary before…
While practicing abiding in His rest and peace, sometimes life just gets to me.
Circumstances swirl in a major way….
Taking it a day at a time, sometimes an hour at a time…hey, sometimes a moment at a time.

I have been there..

I was reminded of Joseph. Poor guy was sold by his brothers into slavery while still a young boy. He was thrown into prison, but eventually put into a position of authority by the Pharaoh of Egypt. God used his life in an incredible way, even later saving his father and brothers and their families when famine struck their land. (Genesis 37-48)


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