"YELO BIRD"..The Father's Encouragement

Words to Encourage in Daily Life

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Green and the Signs of Spring

green and spring

That Green Stuff

Just what green stuff am I talking about?

That powdery stuff that I just wiped off all of the furniture on my back porch. The film that is lying ever so silently on our cars.

Yet, working havoc on those who have ventured outside in any way or opened their windows for fresh air. Continue reading

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Because I’m Happy……

Because I’m Happy!

I really like that song, HAPPY by Pharrell. It makes you feel good just to hear it! My mom has it as her ringtone and says something about it every time her phone rings.


But I wonder if maybe it should be CONTENT? Maybe someone needs to write that song! Continue reading

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It Was Love

The last few days I have been overwhelmed with one thought.

It is not like I did not know it. It is not like it is “news” to me as a believer. But it has stirred in my heart as if it was something I just heard for the first time.

It was......2 Continue reading


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