Moments of Encouragement

Life can sometimes get crazy!


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Changing Clouds


132I am simply mesmerized by storms. You would think I would not be willing to take pictures based on my experience with them.

Tornado, derecho, tropical storm, tropical depression, small hurricane…I think that is all we have experienced, at least at this point of our lives. The joke with my friends is to “stay away from her…she is a storm magnet.” Continue reading

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In Whom?

In Whom

Where Does Our Trust Lie?

Remember the game, LIFE? I am not a game player, but it did capture some of life. I used to get so frustrated. I wanted to win!! That’s why it is not good for me to play…I become competitive!

There are some spaces missing if memory serves me correctly. I don’t recall a cancer space. I don’t remember seeing anything about loss of a spouse, or divorce. In fact, there are many spaces missing. Continue reading

True Friendship-2

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What is True Friendship?

True Friendship-2

I have been reminded again of how valuable friendship really is the last several weeks. One friend that I once taught with is headed to teach in Texas. Another good friend that worked at the same school is moving to Alabama.

My husband and I had dinner with a couple that we have been friends with since our children were young. We ended up having a three hour dinner! It had been way too long!

We have some friends from our young married years that we still are in contact with even though they are in different states…and when we talk it seems like it was just yesterday we spoke. And we are so fortunate to have great friendships that have been around since our school days.  We stick together because when one of us forgets, odds are that someone else remembers!

But a very good childhood friend left for Florida today. The memories we have will be treasured forever. Continue reading


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